DC Universe Classics Wave 15 OMAC

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OMAC from DC Universe Classics Wave 15 gives us a glimpse of “the world that’s coming” and apparently it’s full of big heads, huge eyes and maximum mohawks! For those too young to remember, OMAC – One Man Army Corps – was another of Jack Kirby’s creations for DC Comics in the 1970’s along with New Gods, Mr. Miracle, The Demon and Kamandi. OMAC is basically a revamp of the Captain America concept, but instead of WWII or even present day, OMAC’s stories are set in the near future or as Kirby phrased it in every issue; “the world that’s coming!”

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I was an instant fan of OMAC when, at the tender age of 7, I came across the second issue of OMAC in a 7-11 and the cover (as most Kirby covers were wont to do) grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. So I was pretty stoked when I heard that Mattel and the Four Horsemen were rendering Buddy Blank’s alter ego in plastic for DC Universe Classics 15. OMAC?! That is some big time Kirby love there. Then I saw the early prototype pics. All I could think was, “Why are his eyes so huge? Surely this isn’t going to be the final product? No, the Horsemen aren’t going to let me down on this one? Not on OMAC?! Not OMAC?!!!”

DCUC15 OMAC 004.jpgDCUC15 OMAC 004b.jpgDCUC15 OMAC 005.jpgDCUC15 OMAC 007.jpgDCUC15 OMAC 008.jpgDCUC15 OMAC 015.jpg

Well, they let me down. OMAC is almost perfect except for his enormous noggin and HUGE eyes. If it was just the larger than normal head, I could probably deal with it. This head is big enough to work on a Mattel WWE Elite figure! My friend PBJMan commented “OMAC must stand for One Massive Accentuated Cranium.” Everything else about him is top-notch. The Brother Eye symbol on his chest is sharp and centered, all his costume details are nailed and his mohawk is bristling with power.

Since everything else is perfect about this figure of OMAC, I’m just going to have to make a new head for him. Not looking forward to figuring out how to make a mohawk as nice as the Horsemen did though.

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If you haven’t seen them already, check out the previous DC Universe Classics 15 AFP reviews for Raven (courtesy of Sandman21xxii), Jack Knight – StarmanJemm and Sinestro Corps Batman! I’ll try to get the next DCUC 15 figure review posted real soon!

11 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 15 OMAC”

  1. I don’t understand why these figures get such high praise. I think it’s cool that they’re finally doing decent DC figures, I’m sure that has a lot to do with the excitement over them. But if you look at Toy Biz’s run on Marvel Legends, these figures aren’t all that great. My biggest complaint is the reuse of the SAME BODY MOLD for nearly every figure. Nightwing and Superman should not have the same musculature. That’s just greediness and laziness rearing their disgusting heads. Greetings from Nilbog!!!

  2. Suck a fart from my anus, Buzzy Fret. Non-articulated hands, non-ball jointed legs… Half the articulation and steroid freak renditions of nearly every character… You’re drinking too much of that DC Kool Aid, boy.

  3. Hey Buzzy, I do kinda agree with Jerry. Not about the sucking fart thing, but the constant use of the same body mould does make things slightly boring. I’ve loved what the 4 horseman and mattel have done with the classics line and have collected 99% of the figures released but I have found myself feeling a little less excited about the figures due to the fact I know what I’ll be getting even before I open the box.

    What worked so well with the Marvel Legends line (Toy biz not Hasbro) was mostly not all, but mostly each figure would have it’s own sculpt resulting in each figure having it’s own character – I never knew how each figure would feel/move until I open the pack. Mattel’s choice of reusing body moulds might make perfect financial sense but also does takeaway from the individuality of the character.

  4. I think anyone would agree with your point about making financial sense for resuse Stevie, I certainly do! I remember the debates that started popping up during MLs

    Back to the pics though, I kind of dig the bigger heads from the pics. Maybe its different seeing them in person? Thanks Buzzy!

  5. @ Jerry > y’know, the whole ML versus DCUC thing is tired. if you don’t like ’em, don’t buy ’em. grow up, grow a thicker skin or cut back on the coffee.

    @ Stevie > nothing wrong with digging how ToyBiz made stuff, there are quite a few MLs that I really like. like I said, the debate about which is better is pointless.

    @ Skullder > you’re welcome, thanks for checking out the pics. I don’t mind the heads getting a little bigger on the DCUC figures, far too many are a little on the small size, but OMAC’s is just too big IMHO. on the flip side, I have a good friend that really likes OMAC’s head.

  6. Crazy body base reuse is just a reality in today’s toy business. Hasbro Marvel stuff and Mattel DCUC both do a lot of it. It’s just the way things are in this economy. I do however agree that knowing how a figure will move and play because of the reuse does take some of the excitement away. That’s why I was excited when it was shown at SDCC that some DCUC would have double-jointed knees and arms. Any toyline needs some improvements/changes to keep it fresh for collectors.

    Also, I still need some of these DCUC 15 figs! Not looking forward to tracking down the Wally Exclusive WAve 14 though, that will be a pain in the arse.

  7. Reused moulds or not, I still really dig what mattel have achieved and I will go on collecting this line. I totally agree with Buzzy in regards to Legends vs DC Classic, it’s a pointless debate. What I will say is when you stand both style of figure side by side, mattel have done a great job of making their figures look super clean. I do miss Toy Biz though!

  8. I like OMAC’s noggin just fine myself. And I like DCUC figures in general. I don’t mind the body reuse so much, as most classic heroes seemed to have pretty much the same build in the comics anyway. If you look at some old comics you’ll see that Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and even the Flash were drawn so that if they were all wearing the same costume, you couldn’t tell who was who. And the anatomy of the human body is pretty much a universal standard, so most DCUC figs having the same articulation makes perfect sense as well.

    My only beef with DCUC is the poor quality control of some waves. For instance my OMAC’s waist is stuck above his belt. It will not budge no matter how hard I twist it. I am going to try to heat it up with a hair dryer and see if that works, but I really shouldn’t have to do stuff like that so often with new figures.

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