DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Quick Pics

DC Universe Classics 16 - group 1 (1280x720).jpg

What the heck – DC Universe Classics wave 16 already? If you were here when we had early pics of DC Universe Classics wave 14 and wave 11, then you won’t be surprised that it’s our pal trs with the early hookup on the next wave of figures to hit. It should be a couple of weeks before we start seeing these hit retail in the United States en masse.

DC Universe Classics 16 - Azbats (765x1280).jpgDC Universe Classics 16 - Creeper (764x1280).jpgDC Universe Classics 16 - Jonah Hex (765x1280).jpgDC Universe Classics 16 - Mercury (765x1280).jpgDC Universe Classics 16 - Riddler (766x1280).jpgDC Universe Classics 16 - Robin (variant) (765x1280).jpg

We’ll save an in-depth review for when we get these into our own hands, but here’s a couple of quick things I noticed from the pics:

For more pics, check out our DC Universe Wave 16 album.

6 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Quick Pics”

  1. Wow..already?! I have a really difficult time complaining about new DCUC product, especially when I adore these so much, but we have seen three concussive waves of these in so many weeks, and at $15 a pop they get expensive. Regardless, thanks for the pics and sneak peek.

  2. Yeah I’m gonna have to wait for these and the GLC Wave, my wallet can’t keep up with all these! Glad to see the double joints!

  3. This might sound stupid and I don’t even know if the guy is reading this, but with Bane’s head, try pushing it down really hard. When I put Imperiex together, I thought he was defective because his head kept rolling around. But the part just hadn’t popped completely into the socket.

    I’m glad they’re showing up and hopefully BBTS gets them in stock soon, but it’s kind of crazy that wave 16 is out and we still haven’t seen any pictures of wave 17.

  4. Cant wait for my BBTS order!!! How about next a C and C Killer Croc with a poison ivy and huntress! Pass it along to the horsemen fwooshers!

  5. i would really love for them to make a C&C Doomsday.. the height of Bane looks just right in those pics. Love the Robins! and it just might be the placement, but Bane’s right arm looks… broken 🙂

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