24 thoughts on “CFP – the Starmen and their Cosmic Rods”

  1. “Son, it’s about that time we had ‘the talk'”


    “Son, when I said use protection, that’s not what I meant”

  2. Ted-“Kids these days with their big rods.Back in my day our rods only came in one size..small and we liked it!”

  3. Ted teaching Jack the future Starmen: In order to use the Cosmic Rod properly, you have to train with this Shake Weight everyday. Personally I workout 3 times a day.

  4. Jack: “Yo dad, that is one sweet cosmic rod you’ve got there.”

    Ted: “Thanks son. It’s my new I-Rod 4.0. It’s smaller and lighter than your old 3.0. Plus, not only can I use it to battle evil, it can also make phone calls, surf the web and download apps. You want to generate a stun-beam or a forcefield? There’s an app for that.”

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