DC Universe Classics Custom 70′s Style Batman

Batman - Classic:70's 001.jpg

I was very happy with how my custom All-Star Batman turned out, so for the past few months, I’ve been buying Mattel Public Enemies and select DC Direct Batman figures for express purpose of creating more Batman customs. Finally after months of procrastination, I buckled down and made the first (well, second if you count my custom All-Star Batman) in this custom series – Classic 70’s Style Batman!

Batman - Classic:70's 004.jpgBatman - Classic:70's 002.jpgBatman - Classic:70's 003.jpgBatman - Classic:70's 006.jpgBatman - Classic:70's 008.jpg


  • DC Direct: History of the DC Universe Batman – Head, Cape & Neck
  • Public Enemies Batman – Body, Biceps, Thighs and Knees
  • DC Universe Classics Classic Detective Batman – Forearms, Belt & Shins
  • DC Universe Classics Blue Devil – Feet
  • Airbrushed Mask, Cape, Gloves, Trunks & Boots
  • Repainted All Gray, Touched Up Belt and Repainted Flesh
  • Symbol Created in PhotoShop and then Decoupaged Onto Chest
  • Airbrushed Whole Figure with Micro Flat Sealant

Unfortunately, because I made him so fast, I didn’t take any real WIP pics. The hardest part of the custom was the neck. The PE figure’s neck was a tad too short to look right with the DCD head so I did some measuring, chopped it off and transplanted the neck from the DCD Batman. If I have to do it to the next one, I promise to take pics of the operation. 😉

Batman - Classic:70's 007.jpg

My 12th wedding anniversary is coming up fast and I’d like to buy my wonderful and supportive wife a nice present, so if anyone is interested, I will be selling this Batman and I’m open to offers if someone wants to grab it before I put it up on eBay.

Batman - Classic:70's 009.jpg

And if you’re one of the many that think the DCUC Nightwing is too big, this Batman fixes that!

Thank you for checking it out!

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6 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Custom 70′s Style Batman”

  1. Great custom Buzzy, that paint work looks like it just came from Mattel!!!

    Seriously clean custom……….excellent!

  2. Love it. I took that same cape, but painted it black and used it for a Bats custom. It’s great to use if you can find one. Nice work Buzzy!

  3. thanx guys, I really appreciate it!

    for those interested, he will be going up for auction on eBay at 10 PM East / 7 PM West tonight! please bid early and often! 😉

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