Fantastic Exclusive Gothitropolis Scarabus Blister Layout Recap

The Four Horsemen have completed another round of Scary Shots, so it’s time for another recap – this time they’ve revealed how each variant is going to be laid out in the blisters.

It’s very cool that every variant is going to include a Scarabus head, and Scarabus himself will get two variant face plates.

These are the Photoshopped images that we sent off to the factory, to give them an idea of just how we wanted the blisters laid out. Now you get to see them and also get to find out just which face-plates/heads go with which variant versions of Scarabus!

via Four Horsemen Toy Studio News – Four Horsemen Toy Studio.

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  1. Thanks for all your recaps on these. They are very helpful. I’m using you as my go-to source. 🙂

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