Green Lantern Classics Series 2 Early Production Pics

These pictures of the second wave of Green Lantern Classics have been making the rounds – they’re probably from early production samples that have made their way to eBay.

via [新料速遞] GREEN LANTERN CLASSIC SERIES 2 實物圖 – Action Figures 討論 – HKFigureClub – Powered by Discuz!

The wave will include:

  • Green Lanterns Sodam Yat, and Nautkeiloi /Medphyll with interchangeable heads
  • Star Sapphire
  • Red Lanterns Night Lik / Skallox with interchangeable parts
  • A 3-pack of pack-in sized Lanterns – Dex-Starr, B’dg, and Despotellis
  • Green Lantern G’hu from the Green Lantern movie
  • Connect and Collect Stel

G’hu hadn’t been revealed before, but widely guessed because of his distinctive shape. He’ll serve as the transition from the Classics line to the Movie figures due out in support of the movie. Mattel did indicate there would be a third series of Classics, but that it would be made up of figures previously released – I wonder if we’ll get some redecoes there.

5 thoughts on “Green Lantern Classics Series 2 Early Production Pics”

  1. Huh, hadn’t heard that about GLC wave 3, kind of disappointing. Will it have a collect and connect(maybe just a repack of Kilowog)? Maybe we’ll get a taller Sinestro Corps Sinestro, at least.

    The movie figures that have been leaked look pretty bad, so I guess G’hu will end up on ebay after I get the Stel piece.

  2. Don’t like that swivel torso thingy on Carol Ferris.
    Reminds me too much of crummy Marvel toys.

    Also, is it just me or does Sodam looks like he belongs in the Public Enemies line?

  3. Mattel arlready mentioned a couple of months ago that there wasn’t enough retailer interest for a 3rd wave of repacks.

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