Masters Of The Universe Classics Vikor

What do I do now that my favorite figure of the year, Masters Of The Universe Classics Vikor (Conan!!), has already arrived? I just don’t see how anything else coming out in 2011 could top this figure. Not for me anyway. I guess I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy my new Conan… uh, Vikor!

Vikor 005.jpgVikor 006.jpgVikor 004.jpgVikor 008.jpg

I won’t say he’s absolutely perfect, if the helmet was removable or, even better,  if he came with a helmetless head as well, then Vikor would be perfect.  Along with that, I wish the hair was a little tighter to his head too, it kind of has a fringe-like quality as it is.

Vikor 013.jpgVikor 014.jpgVikor 020.jpgVikor 011.jpg

You can tell from all the little details that the Horsemen had a lot of fun designing and sculpting this figure. And I love that Vikor’s details, colors and weapons are more realistic than the other MOTUC figures which tend to be more cartoonish in appearance. It makes Conan… er… Vikor stand out, but not so different that he doesn’t look good displayed with the other MOTUC Preternians.

I’ve seen some discussion on the boards about the “rust” on Vikonan’s weapons. I choose to consider it a patina caused by the blood of the many enemies that have been impaled, hewn in twain or simply beaten to death in battle by big, bad Vik.

Vikor 016.jpgVikor 017.jpgVikor 018.jpgVikor 006b.jpg

Conor also sports the new ankle joint design for MOTUC, it’s super tight and works great. No need to worry about loose, floppy ankle swivels causing this Premmerian to topple from your display!


While he may be Vikor to many MOTUC fans, he is most definitely Conan for me. Mattel will have a hard time topping this figure. I think it damn near impossible unless the Four Horsemen are contracted to start work on an actual Conan action figure line… How cool would that be?

May Crom not send doom your way!

2 thoughts on “Masters Of The Universe Classics Vikor”

  1. Enjoyed the “review” GREATLY.
    Yeah, one of the nicest figures to come from the MOTU line– in MHO.
    I strongly agree with your sentiment of a “Conan” line… even if it’s called a
    “Vikor, the Barbarian line”.

    Thanks, guys, for a wonderful figure.

  2. Will Scarabus play the part of the Evil Wizard,….
    And BG Teela the part of Red Sonja???

    Ya know, this whole thing could just keep getting better and better!!

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