Halo Minimates Wave 2 Packaged Pics

Halo is such a great fit for the Minimate format. Glad to see more coming!

Halo Wave 2 Minimates are here

Following up on the huge success of Halo Minimates series 1 comes Halo Minimates series 2! Toys R Us will have 2 packs featuring Emile and Jun, Spartan ODST (Blue) and Arbiter (Active Camo), Spartan (Active Camo) and Elite Assault (Blue), and Spartan(Green) with Jackal Major (Violet Shield).

Specialty stores will have an exclusive 4 pack featuring Spartan(Teal), Spartan Rogue (Green), Brute Chieftan, and Jackal Major (Red Shield).

via Art Asylum Blog ยป Halo Wave 2 Minimates are here.