Toy Tokyo Art Auction to Benefit Japanese Red Cross Relief Effort

Toy Tokyo Underground, the hosts of the Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse event during Toy Fair last month, will be hosting an art auction to benefit the Red Cross’s efforts in Japan. There’s a huge number of artists participating, including Ashley Wood from 3A Toys, sculptor Dave Cortez, and the Four Horsemen.

We send our deepest condolences to the people of Japan and those that have lost loved ones in the earthquakes and tsunamis.

In the coming weeks and months it will take the actions of non-profit organizations and thousands of volunteers to search for survivors and begin to rebuild. Toy Tokyo and TT Underground Gallery will support those efforts through a benefit auction to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross Society Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami disaster relief fund.

We will be hosting an art exhibition on April 2nd – April 3rd and will be auctioning art and items from many artists online after the event. We are kindly requesting that you help those in need by participating in the auction.

Please give generously…