DC Universe Classics Vs. Masters of the Universe Classics – Hawkman And Stratos Quick Pics

I picked up the Toys R’ Us Exclusive DC Universe Classics vs. Masters Of The Universe Classics Hawkman and Stratos set a few days ago. Here’s some quick pics for y’all!

Stratos being a winged simian, I thought I’d like him a lot more, but he’s kind of blah to me.

To shake things up, Mattel throws us a bit of a curve by making this version of Stratos a little different from the original MOTUC release. As you can see, the “Versus” Stratos has blue wings, red suspenders and a dark red jetpack whereas the original had the colors reversed. I think the scuttlebutt among the hardcore MOTUC fans is that the version here has correct colors, but I’m not 100% on that.

Can somebody please tell me why didn’t they reuse the feet from Beastman? Are those supposed to be booties? I hate them.

As for Hawky here, nothing really different about him from his original release in DCUC wave 6. This version’s details seem a bit tighter and cleaner than the DCUC 6 Hawkman but overall, same figure. One annoying thing is that his sword was not included, or at least there wasn’t one in the set I picked up. Nevertheless, if you missed out on the DCUC 6 Hawkman, this one will fill the void nicely. Hawkman is still one of my absolute favorite DCUC figures.

DC vs MOTUC HM-Strat 006.jpgDC vs MOTUC HM-Strat 007.jpgDC vs MOTUC HM-Strat 008.jpgDC vs MOTUC HM-Strat 011.jpgDC vs MOTUC HM-Strat 013.jpg

4 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Vs. Masters of the Universe Classics – Hawkman And Stratos Quick Pics”

  1. I love Stratos feet! They’re made after the original toy’s feet. I think I’d like the figure much less if he had some other kind of feet, though the logic that he should have something else does hold. Go figure.

  2. I just wish we could have gotten SOME variation on Hawkman. I mean… a simple head swap with The Atom, and a repaint of the wings from grey to brown… and we’ve got a Golden Age Hawkman.

  3. As somebody who already has Stratos, I would be kind of annoyed if I had to buy him again to get an Earth-2 Hawkman. I like how Mattel has made these 2-packs easy to ignore…people who missed the figures can get them, and I can save money.

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