Wayback Wednesday – Your Choice!

All good things must take a break, and so it is with Wayback Wednesday. I am in the process of moving over the next month and a half, and therefore all of my toys are saying goodbye to the sunlight and being packed away. However, the silver lining of this is that it gives all of you the opportunity to let me know what YOU would like to see on upcoming Wayback Wednesday features!

So, how about it, what vintage toyline from your childhood do you wish more people knew about? What single retro toy do you want to see in more detail, or wish you had, or could never find, or wanted to steal from that bratty kid on the playground? Let me know!

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– MOTU Mantisaur

alien16 – Kenner’s Gorilla Alien

voltron11 – Matchbox Voltron

IMG_8337 – TOMY Commandrons

5460322680_0e4b4d3048_b.jpg – M.A.S.K. Thunderhawk

IMG_8057.jpg – Silverhawks Mon-Star

IMG_7987.jpg – Kenner’s The Shadow

texhex33.jpg – Bravestarr Part 1

IMG_7866.jpg – Bravestarr Part 2

airraiders_27.jpg – Air Raiders

IMG_7382.jpg – Robo Force

series1.jpg – McDonalds Changeables

16 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday – Your Choice!”

  1. In general, how about figures that were constructed out of translucent plastic. Specifically, how about a look at the classic Tomy TRON figures as well as Remco’s Crystar line.

  2. I’d like to see a bit on Remco’s “Warlord”/”Warrior Beasts” line of Masters of the Universe-like figures.

  3. Crystar the Crystal Warrior
    –there’s a good angle too; some guy in Seattle is making a new, short prod. run of articulated Crystar-type classics.

    Micronauts- best figure line ever.

  4. I second that on Crystar. That’s a toy I had completely forgotten until I saw an old toy ad a few months ago. Suddenly all these fragmented childhood memories came rushing back to me. I want more.

    GERMS (Worlds of Wonder)

  6. StarCom: The U.S. Space Force
    RoboCop and the Ultra Police
    Dino Riders
    The Real Ghostbusters
    Ninja Warriors (Hasbro)

  7. Thanks guys! The hard part with some of this stuff is simply acquiring it. Ive looked into Crystar a bit, but some of those are very pricey. I do have a few Ronin Warriors, and plan to get some Sectaurs.

  8. Centurions & Battle Beasts are FOR SURE on my short list, as soon as I can get some for a decent price.

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