Marvel Select Gambit Packaged Pics

I am not a Gambit fan. He was introduced in X-Men during the explosion in comics “investing” – let’s face it – there weren’t a lot of good comic books or comic book characters that came out of that period in the early 90’s. That said, there’s something about these figures that capture the douchebaggery that I envision when it comes to Gambit. I suppose that’s probably a positive for the Gambit fans out there.

Get Ready for the Gambit Marvel Select Figure

Here it is, the newest Marvel Select Figure: Gambit! Available as the regular edition or a variant long hair version. This figure features Marvel Select’s standard 16 points of articulation, as well as multiple hands and accessories.  Gambit comes with a similarly themed Danger Room base to our Cyclops figure, allowing collectors to create a mini diorama! Look for it at a specialty store near you!

via Art Asylum Blog » Get Ready for the Gambit Marvel Select Figure.