Yet Another DC Universe Classics Custom Batman!

Yep, another custom Batman! What can I say? I can’t turn down an opportunity to make a Batman. This one in particular was created for big time Dark Knight fan; batmego27. It was a bit daunting because batmego27 has some very nice custom Batman figures made by other talented customizers like Fwoosh’s Prodigy (who has made a gazillion great custom Batmans) and world famous Matt Cauley, AKA Iron Cow.


  • DCD Secret Origins Modern Batman Head
  • DCD EAU Batman Neck – I chopped off the DCUC neck and spliced in the from an EAU Batman body and then sculpted over it with Aves Fixit Sculpt
  • DCD JLA/Benes Batman Cape – had to modify the neck and sculpt over it with Aves Fixit Sculpt as well and then airbrushed
  • DCUC Guardian Upper Body, Shoulders and Biceps
  • DCUC Batman Forearms, Belt, Crotch and Legs
  • Mattel Public Enemies Batman Feet
  • Symbol created in PhotoShop and Decoupaged on

Thanks for looking!

15 thoughts on “Yet Another DC Universe Classics Custom Batman!”

  1. Buzzy, what would be the best way to contact you about commission work?

    Awesome Batman by the way. No matter how many you make they just keep getting cooler and cooler.

  2. Damn I wish we would get a Bats like that in DCUC. It is the perfect balance of classic and modern.

  3. DAAAAANNNNNGGGGG! AWESOME BATMAN BUZZ! To see a vision and make it without a flaw, that shows what QUALITY of a figure you are able to create! To build a better figure than Mattle can…that says it all! KUDOS DUDE! My hats off to ya!

    Good work in pointing it out…it deserves it!

  4. WOW, that is the coolest Batman figure ever!! That is exactly what I wanted Mattel to do. I love the dark blue color.

  5. @ Hagop – 😆

    as for the blue on Batman; it was a base of Citadel Midnight Blue and then a heavy dry brush of Reaper Ultramarine Blue Shadow. the cape I airbrushed with the Reaper Ultramarine Blue Shadow.

  6. again, just beautiful. And keep the Batmans coming! I never, ever get tired of looking at ’em!

  7. That looks great.
    I love the head choice. I just never liked any of the DCSH or DCUC heads.
    And the cape is cool, but the part I like best is using the slimmer upper body.
    That just makes it look much more like what I think Batman’s build is.
    Like Grasshopperis said, a nice mix of classic and modern.
    Great colors and paint, and seamless construction. Really nice work.

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