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At BotCon, Hasbro also revealed their new construction line called Kre-O. They’re launching it with the Transformers brand, featuring some characters from the original G1 series as well as the Transformers movies. Each construction set has parts to build a Transformer in it’s robot mode as well as it’s vehicle mode. They also include mini-figures (Kreons) of Transformers characters and generic humans in select sets, it seems most of them have Kreons except for the really basic sets. I loved the Kreons – I would’ve bought them alone if they were selling them!

The Kre-O building pieces are very similar to Lego construction sets – they even state on the packaging that they are compatible with other popular construction brands.

Onto some pics!


This 542 -piece Optimus Prime set includes pieces to build his robot form with battle station or a truck form with trailer. He includes 5 Kreon figures: Prime, Bluestreak, Skywarp and two human Kreons. He also appears to have two mini bikes that can be stashed in his trailer.

It looks like they’re mixing it up with G1 and movie stylings. The Kreons look to be G1 inspired, while the robot Prime itself has the movie body, although his head looks G1-ish.


Bumblebee comes with a Kreon of himself and Red Alert.


Here’s the rest of the gang!



Here are some of the simpler Transformers Kre-Os, they have less pieces and a lower price point than the ones above. The $7.99 Prime and Bumblebee don’t come with Kreons.



A sample of the packaging.


Transformers Kre-O in action!


Here’s a big Kre-O Prime strutting his stuff!


Here are a collection of the Kreons that come with each set. A lot of people were asking if they could buy these! They were, however, giving out a free Optimus Prime mini-figure at the booth.


More dancing Primes! This time in mini-figure form, they were giving individual Primes out, 1 for each person. This Prime Kreon has the Matrix of Leadership decal on it’s chest, different from the construction set pack-in Prime which has a regular chest decal. I don’t know who that figure in the middle is.


If this new construction line gets a good response (I have a feeling it will), I’m sure Kre-O G.I. Joes and Marvel Heroes stuff can’t be too far behind. Star Wars seem to be under Lego for the time being.

I actually think Kre-O’s will give Lego some good competition, with just the popular licenses that Hasbro can bring to the table. Imagine Marvel mini-figures and an Avengers Mansion playset! Or a Kre-O H.I.S.S. Tank!

I haven’t seen these at stores but Hasbro has them up for pre-order online at

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