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We have just listed the first two waves of the Batman Classic 1966 TV Figures, as well as the first box set.  The first wave includes Batman, Riddler and Penguin and is listed at $54.99 for the Set of 3;  the second wave of Batman Classic 1966 TV figures Case includes two of Joker and one each of Batman, Penguin, Riddler and Surf’s Up Batman, and is priced at $104.99.  We have them listed as a Set of 5 (one of each figure) at $94.99, and the Joker singly at $17.99.  The new Box Set includes Batman and Robin walking up the side of the building;  this two-pack is the only way to get the Robin figure, and is listed at $32.99.

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BotCon 2011 – Hasbro Kre-O Transformers


At BotCon, Hasbro also revealed their new construction line called Kre-O. They’re launching it with the Transformers brand, featuring some characters from the original G1 series as well as the Transformers movies. Each construction set has parts to build a Transformer in it’s robot mode as well as it’s vehicle mode. They also include mini-figures (Kreons) of Transformers characters and generic humans in select sets, it seems most of them have Kreons except for the really basic sets. I loved the Kreons – I would’ve bought them alone if they were selling them!

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BotCon 2011 – Transformers Masterpiece and Prime


I didn’t get to BotCon 2011 until Sunday, so I wasn’t present during the Hasbro Panel. Nevertheless, I did gather a lot of pics from that one day that I did attend.

Let’s start with some Hasbro Masterpieces!

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BotCon in Pasadena this Weekend and Optimus Prime Free Stuff

Hey folks, BotCon is on at the Pasadena Convention Center this weekend. With Transformers: Dark of the Moon (you can check out one of the trailers on Hasbro’s Transformers site – wow!) less then a month away, you can expect that it will be action-packed. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Sandman will have a chance to stop by.

In celebration, we’re holding a special Free Stuff giveaway – a Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime preview action figure – kindly provided by the Hasbro PR team. To keep it simple, leave a reply on this post. Just tell us what you’re looking forward to in the movie or what you want to see in the Transformers toy line. A week from today, we’ll select a lucky commenter at random from those of you in the continental United States, and contact you via email for your address. That’s it!

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