San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Hasbro Marvel Legends Wave 2 Arnim Zola Build-a-Figure


While I’m waiting for my video of the Hasbro Marvel panel from today’s Comic-Con sessions to process, I thought you might like to see some pictures of the upcoming Build-a-Figure from wave 2 of the Marvel Legends relaunch planned for 2012. I took one look at Arnim Zola here and the first thing that came to mind was: What?! No bicep swivels?!?!

I kid. I KID!


After the panel, I asked around and did some spot checking on the boards – even the folks who were lukewarm at best on the first wave of the Marvel Legends relaunch were positive on wave 2 and the Arnim Zola BAF. I even saw a couple of examples of complete flip flops, from hate to love. While Zola probably wouldn’t be number one on my most wanted list (maybe it’s time for another Fwoosh Top Ten?), he still ranks up there, so I am ecstatic.

You’ll see more when I upload the video of the panel, but Hasbro is trying something new in wave 2 – they’re going to continue having running changes partways through an assortment, but instead of variants, they’ll have new characters. They talked of two such running changes for wave 2 – Thunderball to Piledriver and Madame Masque to Madame Hydra.

While swapping out for new characters is new to Hasbro, the cool thing is that with the running changes they’ll also introduce deco changes for the BAF pieces – so the screen inserts for Zola will become screen inserts for Red Skull – those who have been keeping up with Captain America will know why that is completely awesome.

Stay tuned for the panel video. Still have some time to complete processing, so it will probably be a couple of hours. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Hasbro Marvel Legends Wave 2 Arnim Zola Build-a-Figure”

  1. I want Arnium Zola. He and the Red Skull will be good to have.
    So….Who is in Wave 2???

  2. That is such a great idea, and not just to be a nod to the secret wars toys.

    Lenticulars would be a rad, easy way to have the face change.

    I’m one of those who is a huge fan of Marvel Legends, totally not impressed with wave one but Arnim Zola has me chomping at the bit to buy new stuff. Totally in my top 10 wants and looks fantastic. Could not be happier about him. SO lukewarm on the others, although Constrictor looks nice.

  3. Hasbro REALLY needs to retire those lame Bullseye and Silver Surfer bodies. They’ve been used way too much and they look terrible. Klaw looks like a teenager.

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