Mattycollector June Early Access Starts, SDCC Voucher Sale Ends 6/11

All Access starts on 6/15

Matycollector June sale - Multi-Bot, Sssqueeze, Man-at-Arms

Thursday morning we’ll see the start of Mattycollector’s June sale with Early Access, and then Thursday night they’ll close up their SDCC voucher sale.

The June sale is all Masters of the Universe Classics. The two primary Club Eternia releases are Sssqueeze (the monthly for June) and Multi-Bot (a quarterly deluxe figure). Both won’t be available during Early Access, because I suppose Mattel continues to think it doesn’t make sense to give your best customers (the subscribers) the chance to buy more figures. They do have Snake Face (April 2013) and Tung Lashor (November 2014) up again. And, because these are probably selling poorly, the Giant Man-At-Arms will be available in Early Access too. Early Access for June starts at 8AM PT on 6/11. All Access is at 9AM PT on 6/15.

The mystery items that were not available at the start of the SDCC voucher sale were revealed to be Halo exclusives from Mega Blocks (a micro figure pack) and BOOMco (foam dart guns that we can’t say are from Nerf). Three items have sold out so far – two of the three Ever After / Monster High dolls, and the Hot Wheels Marvel Secret War 3-pack. Everything else is still up for grabs. Happy shopping!

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Get Warmed Up for San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives with Entertainment Earth’s Buy One Get One Half Off Sale

Entertainment Earth is hosting a great opening act for the big show – they’ve got a Buy One Get One Half Off sale on San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. The catch? It’s for the exclusives from past years. What, you didn’t expect them to put this year’s exclusives on sale before the show, did you?

There’s nearly 60 items on sale, from toy makers like Funko, Diamond Select Toys, Bif Bang Pow!, Underground Toys, Diamond Select Toys, and even Mattel (who hasn’t sold exclusives through Entertainment Earth, as far as I can recall.)

BigBadToyStore to Close Out DC Universe Exclusives

Here’s an interesting tidbit from BBTS – they are closing out some DC exclusives, including the DC Universe Classics Swamp Thing, which was Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con DC exclusive in 2011. And get this – Swamp Thing is listed at BBTS for pre-order at $15.99, while he was $30 when sold at the show and later on Of course, don’t expect the Un-Men with him, as they were an exclusive pack-in for the figures sold at SDCC.

I haven’t seen any news on this from Mattel or from any other retailers (granted I didn’t look that hard so let me know if I missed something), so at this point I’m assuming this is a BigBadToyStore deal direct with Mattel to clear out the warehouse of these DC items.


Mattel is releasing a number of items at closeout prices. These include the JLU Three-Pack – Toyman, Firefly, Dr. Destiny at $21.99, the JLU Three-Pack – Vandal Savage, Batman, Future Superman at $11.99, the Justice League Unlimited 7-Pack with Gypsy, Dr. Mid-Night and more at $17.99, the DC Universe Swamp Thing at $15.99, the Retro Action DC Super Heroes Sinestro at $9.99 and the JLU Justice Guild Four-Pack at $13.99.

AFP’s Best of 2011 – Talyn’s Picks

As Ron pointed out in his Best of 2011 post, we both had a hard time choosing just one. There were alot of great toys in 2011, and a lot of getting used to the higher prices we now pay for toys… which brings me to my number one choice.

The Glyos System. The entire thing, not just one figure. These are the most affordable, quality, playable toys I have had in a LOOOONG time. They’re just plain damn fun! And this year they expanded quite a bit with the new Glyans and Rig-Wing.

>> For my reviews of Glyos, check out:

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Ask Matty Q&A Round-Up for 10/1

We know updates have been pretty sparse here since San Diego Comic-Con – we’ve all been super busy with real life. But I’m booked for a quick trip to New York next week for NYCC – so stay tuned!

Here’s a shout out to @philipjreed for encouraging us to get things started here again. Be sure to check out!

We’re back with the October edition of Ask Matty. Because of New York Comic-Con, Mattel won’t have another Q&A until November. Be sure to send in your questions as we get our coverage of NYCC up, since the next round of questions are due on the 15th.

1) We know we’ll get toys for The Dark Knight Rises, but what are the chances of Batman Legacy or another non-movie Batman line getting some shelf space in 2012?


In 2012, our collector product efforts will focus on Batman Legacy in the Spring, and TDKR Movie Masters once the movie product launches.

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