San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – More Marvel 6-Inch Figures Preview Night


Hasbro is going to continue to have 6-inch figures for their Marvel brands, and as we suspected, some of them will be retailer exclusives for the current Marvel movies, much like Walmart and Kmart had exclusive 6-inchers for the Iron Man movies.


Only the Cap figures had tags – I don’t know if that means that Hasbro is still waiting for a retail partner to pick up the Thor figures. I think these all look fine – Ultimate Cap and Nick Fury are rehashes from the Marvel Legends 2-packs with a new Samuel Jackson head sculpt for Fury. Movie Thor and Cap look like new sculpts. I think the movie Cap suffers from a height deficiency.


And let’s not forget about the 6-inch Iron Man line – that is continuing. Sure, it’s going to have a lot of repaints, but the Extremis Iron Man that’s part of the ML relaunch is also¬†available¬†here. I still need to get my hands on a Crimson Dynamo.