San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Hasbro Marvel Universe Preview Night


With all my excitement about Marvel Legends, I might have missed the Marvel Universe display – but that was simply not possible with all the figures on hand. Make no mistake, 6-inch figures may be coming back, but 4-inch will still rule the Marvel shelf space in your local toy stores. On hand were single-carded figures, more 2-packs, and the upcoming 3-pack retailer exclusives. I wonder if we’re going to see another big figure to follow the Sentinel and Galactus.



I know that most of these items are hand-painted protos, but that doesn’t keep me from being impressed on the level of detail that Hasbro is managing to get in these figures. Kraven and Wolverine both looked great.


It’s interesting to see how some characters, like Steve Rogers in his Super Soldier costume, are getting treatment in both Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe. But the tilt certainly favors MU, which seems to have the broader variety. How many of you would kill for a ML Darkhawk?


I like how Hasbro is going back to fix some of its early missteps in the line. Daredevil and Bullseye were pretty bad figures in the very first wave of Marvel Universe. The upcoming 2-pack will rectify that. Nevertheless, Hasbro still seems to be ok re-using that horrible base body on a Daredevil repaint in the single-carded line.



Before I forget, Hasbro also had a display of 4-inch figures under the Avengers brand name. I didn’t get a lot of details on the line, but from what they had on hand, this seems to be a bridge between the current lines of 4-inch movie figures and the lines that are a forgone conclusion with an Avengers live action movie in the works for next year.

There’s already a lot on hand, but I suspect we’ll get some more reveals after the Hasbro panel on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Hasbro Marvel Universe Preview Night”

  1. Excellent pictures! I think Shadowland Daredevil uses the Cyclops(Classic version) buck. It looks more defined and less “round” than the old one. Not as cool as the comic pack version, though.

    One thing I’ve noticed as a GI Joe and Star Wars collector is that Hasbro is usually pretty quick to release improved versions of figures that they screwed up on. The new DD, Bullseye, and Hulk look awesome, and that comic pack Thanos takes a pretty good figure and makes him perfect. Keeping my fingers crossed that new versions of Punisher and Classic Magneto are in the works.

  2. Am I glad I never got Daredevil and Bullseye the first time. And that Hulk looks great! I’ll use that one as the 1996 cartoon version, while the Secret Wars 2-pack version will be the one from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends/1982 Incredible Hulk.

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