New York Comic Con 2011 – Hasbro Marvel Legends

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New York Comic Con opened its doors last night for Preview Night for 4-day ticket holders, press, and professionals. And right at the entrance I found Hasbro’s booth – and it is pretty massive for the their first time at NYCC. I know there were some folks who were disappointed that during Hasbro’s own preview night, they showed Avengers movie figures in the 6-inch scale. But fret no more – Hasbro showed another full wave of Marvel Legends in their display booth.

Big Time Spider-Man

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Hasbro promised a return to the articulation style that we were accustomed to in the hey-day of the line, and Spidey pretty much has it all, thanks to what looks like reuse of one of the derivatives of Bullseye, Captain Marvel, and so on. One thing I’d like to confirm is the reworking of the articulation. Hasbro had talked about changing the hip articulation to 90-degrees instead of 45, and putting back in rocker ankles. You’ll see rockers more clearly on Daken, but I couldn’t tell here.

Madam Masque

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We’ve got reuse of the female SHIELD agent here, and think it works great for her and will work great for the planned running change for Madame Hydra.

Drax the Destroyer

Marvel Legends (2) (853x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (12) (852x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (19) (855x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (24) (1280x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (32) (1280x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (31) (853x1280).jpg

I sent parts a long time ago to Robokillah hoping he would recreate his custom Drax for me – but I think this will work out great. I like this incarnation from his mini-series and subsequent Annihilation books, but I suppose some folks would like to see him in his big lumbering Hulk-sized look from way back around the Infinity Gauntlet era.


Marvel Legends (3) (853x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (13) (853x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (21) (851x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (27) (1280x1280).jpg

He’s massive, almost Build-A-Figure size. I’m going to have to look at Warpath when I get home, because somehow this seems bigger.

Bucky Captain America

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I think we’re going to see a lot of reuse of this body, and that’s a good thing. The articulation setup looks really nice, and I think the sculpt will work well for a lot of guys with Bucky’s medium build.


Marvel Legends (6) (852x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (14) (853x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (23) (853x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (25) (1277x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (30) (850x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (33) (851x1280).jpg

I’m a big fan of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, but I really didn’t start liking Fantomex until he showed up in X-Force. We’ve got his X-Force deco here, but his original New X-Men look would be an easy variant.


Marvel Legends (7) (851x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (9) (854x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (22) (853x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (36) (851x1280).jpg

Daken shares the body with Big-Time Spidey, and the rocker ankles are much more apparent here – but those are different calves to accommodate his boot tops. I admittedly am not a fan of Daniel Way, and haven’t liked Daken since Way introduced him in Wolverine: Origins. His stint in Dark Avengers didn’t help. Maybe Marvel should put him in the X-Force book. That book warmed me up to X-23 – you know what? We need an X-Force X-23!

Arnim Zola

Marvel Legends (15) (852x1280).jpgMarvel Legends (16) (851x1280).jpg

I should have taken more pics of Arnim Zola, but I was in sensory overload mode with the Legends I hadn’t seen before. I would have loved to see the Red Skull variant here, since we already saw Zola back at SDCC – hopefully Hasbro still has more to show after their panel on Saturday.

Incidentally, if all goes well, I should have a live broadcast of the Hasbro Marvel panel on Saturday night. Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Thanks for all the great pic updates Ron! I’m really curious as to when we can start pre-ordering the new waves.

  2. Glad to see Thunderball is as big as it is. At first I didn’t care for Arnim Zola, but lately I been feeling the Jack Kirby designs.

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