12 thoughts on “Trick or Treat?”

  1. I got to go to an area of town that was closed off to traffic. It was like a giant street party. Getting to see grown adults put on a choreographed dance to Thriller by MJ was outstanding. Kids were screaming with glee. Okay, okay, it was me screaming with glee, but it made my wife’s night. 🙂 I just realized it had been too long since I dressed up in something good. Next year…next year.

  2. My wife and I seem to have more fun on Halloween than our son. We always make our own costumes. So if you were in the SoCal area and saw a Hello Kitty and a Red Ninja walking around with a man wearing a duck bill and a pot on his head that was us. Everyone would see me wearing the duck bill and pot and I’d just look at them and say “Quackpot”.

  3. Probably had 100 kids hit my place. Had everything from Princesses, to dinasaurs, to every superhero to have a movie in the past 5 years. Love this holiday!

  4. Felt very much like Charlie Brown this year, so I spent the night home eating candy while watching “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.

  5. Had a good time with my Six, Four and two year old. Tons of candy (Here I better “Check through that” for you) and there was even a church doing hotdogs and hamburgers for the grown ups. Lovely night.

  6. Had planned on going to a party this year, but skipped it due to horrible weather. But since I had the costume all set anyway, I got dressed up as Indiana Jones. I’ll be saving the outfit for Comic Con next year, lol.

    And I totally had that Ninja Turtle figure. Completely forgot about that guy!

  7. @voltron9841: Just wondering, what’s slinderman? Part of me is hoping that it’s a typo of “Spider-man” gone horribly wrong, but I’m almost 100% sure it’s not.

  8. “Slinderman, Slinderman. He’s as burnt as a cinder, man.
    Makes no sense, that’s for sure
    That’s a post, to ignore.
    Watch out, he’s talking Slinderman!”

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