Mattel WWE Legends Andre the Giant on Sale 1/30/12

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I was very disappointed when Mattel decided to pull its WWE Legends line from retail. But with their Rockers 2-pack still available on after going on sale late November last year, I guess that the demand for classic WWE Superstars might not be as strong as I would personally like it to be.

Hopefully Mattel’s release of Andre the Giant today will kick off the Legends sales via on a strong note for 2012. After Andre, Mattel plans to offer Fan’s Choice winners Diamond Dallas Page (April), King Kong Bundy (May), Arn Anderson (July), Tully Blanchard (September), and Miss Elizabeth (November). I’m most interested in the Miss Elizabeth figure, so I hope sales remain strong throughout the year.

For your convenience, here’s the WWE bundle page for today’s sale. In addition to Andre, there’s a limited number of Undertaker figures from San Diego Comic-Con last year, two types of display stands, and the languishing Rockers 2-pack.

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