Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 Venom and Doppelganger Colorways

After some December teasers from Spy Monkey Creations, we finally have some in-hand samples of what they’ll be opening up 2012 with: The Spy Monkey Armory Series 1!


Over the past couple of years, Spy Monkey has been producing weapons that toy collectors can use with their 6/7″ action figures, mostly geared towards Masters of the Universe figures. We’ve reviewed a couple of them like the Sword of Ages, and the Shield of Destruction and Shield of Deliverance. For 2012, they’re adding another dimension to their products: customization!

Using Onell’s Glyos system, (our own Talyn has taken a look at their products here and here), you can now disassemble the weapons and combine them however you see fit! I think this is a great idea and it adds another level of fun to their products.

To give us a look at what to expect, Spy Monkey Creations sent us two sample colorways: Venom (purple and green) and Doppelganger (orange and light blue). The sets come with some familiar Spy Monkey weapons assembled out of the bag with some extra connection parts. You can view the specifics of each weapon in the bag and the different colorways at the Spy Monkey Creations blog.

Fully disassembled, the sets look like these below. There are solid colored pieces and there are translucent pieces like the blades and the spikes.


For those unfamiliar with the Glyos connections, the pieces are connected by pegs and holes. Some pieces have pegs molded onto them, some have peg holes and some have a combination of both. There are also separate connector pegs to connect parts which don’t have their own pegs molded into them.


Some of the parts are pretty small, especially the pegs, so I had to keep them in a tray so they wouldn’t roll around and get lost. Connecting/disconnecting the parts are easy enough, most easily connect/disconnect, while some do require some force and dexterity, specifically the tiny parts. The peg holes have some flexibility, so I found myself wiggling some of the parts free. I had a flat screwdriver handy for taking off the translucent gems and the tiny skulls.

Let’s get to some creations!

The fun in these sets is that there is a great variety of weapons you can create, from the outrageous to the elegant.


Not everything has to be a bladed weapon, you can also create a gun or a blaster from the set!


Playing with different joint connections you can get some interesting combinations.


Tri-Klops goes double-blade with this one!


Clawful might lose his job with this weapon!



A little ‘copter thing for Duncan! Why not, MOTUC’s full of crazy stuff anyway!


I also enjoyed the simple weapons you can create with these sets.



Thanks to this little “adapter” peg you can connect weapons to Trapjaw, Roboto and Hordak (I stuck with Trappy ‘coz of the colorway I got).


Of course, these weapons are not relegated to your MOTUC figures, you can use them with you other action figure lines as well!


Once you get your fill of creating weapons for your figures, you can actually move on to creating other things.

I tried my hand at creating the bird build that Spy Monkey had at their blogsite and a couple of ‘bots.


I found myself wishing I had multiple sets so I had more parts to create with, that ‘bot up there needs some proper knee and arm joints!

I’ve probably just scratched the surface with what you can do with these sets, and I only had 2. Imagine if I had multiples!

A couple of things I hope they make in the future: a longer pole piece for staffs and spears, a shorter blade for knives and small swords and connections with chains!

Overall, I love this new direction that Spy Monkey has taken with their products. They were already making some great weapons before, but this new added level of customization just creates a more involved and creative experience. I see a lot of potential with this line!

Of course these sets are fully compatible with the Glyos toy line and the Four Horsemen’s Outer Space Men, so you can make more insane creations!

The Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 will be available on February 3rd at 12pm Pacific Standard Time for $20 per set. You can visit their blog at  http://spymonkeycreations.blogspot.com/ for more information on the sale.

Thanks for looking!


7 thoughts on “Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 Venom and Doppelganger Colorways”

  1. Wow. This product needs to be shown here, because it needs to be shown with pics. that’s what this site is all about and that’s how the possibilites and the fun of these sets is shown effectively. Amazingly good job at showing the capabilities of these. I so want some now.

  2. Damn! I’ve seen a lot of creations from the samples they’ve sent out, but these shots really show just how creative you can get. Exellent, excellent work here. Can’t wait to get a set!

    Or five.


  3. Holy Hannah! These builds are awesome! This is the kind of crazy creativity we are so excited to see. That gun has got to be one of my favorite, and that copter contraption just blew my mind. I can’t wait to get these into the hands of the fans and see what kind of vicious combos come out of their heads. Great review too! Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to what other creations people will make when they get their hands on these!

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