DC Universe Classics (Mostly) Sinestro Corps

Sinestro Corps 120410

Unlike the group shot of my Green Lantern Corps, my Sinestro Corps has no customs or modified figures – it consists solely of figures straight off the retail shelves. Up until DC Universe Classics wave 20, I did have a slightly modded Sinestro from way back in wave 3, which used the Prodigy method of adding height at the waist swivel.

While that was a slightly taller and slightly more tolerable Sinestro, the wave 20 figure ended up being taller and is now my default SC Sinestro – although I am not too happy about his collar or his stubby forearms. For the latter, I think they should have found a way to use the forearms from the Black Lantern Abin Sur. And while I’m whining, c’mon, Mattel – that was really lazy using papa Mongul for Mongul junior.

My only non-DCUC figure here is the DC Direct Kryb. I’d still like to see a DC Direct Lyssa Drak.