Marvel Legends Card Art and Punisher and Blade Reveals –

A couple of (Return of) Marvel Legends updates from – first up is the card art for Deadpool, Punisher, and Blade, and the reveals for the Punisher and Blade figures.

Hasbro has secured Clayton Crain for RoML series 3, due out in September. The choice is fitting because Deadpool will be reissued, this time in his X-Force colors, and Crain is serving as the artist on that book. This will mark the 3rd variant for this figure – the first two Deadpools came in the Marvel Legends 2-packs from way back in 2010, in his classic red and black and the one issue X-Men blue and yellow. I’m a fan of this Deadpool even though we’ve already seen it a lot – the X-Force version will go great with the SDCC exclusive X-Force 3-pack that will have Wolverine, Archangel, and Psylocke.

Punisher and Blade will continue the Thunderball / Piledriver and Madame Masque / Madame Hydra execution which will feature variant figures sharing the same cardback. I really dig this approach in theory as it gives us another character – in practice I hope availability for the variants become better, since it’s been the aftermarket for me for them so far. Great re-use on these figures – I think they’ll look great. For Punisher, I hope it’s an easy customizing conversion to lose the jacket and give him spandex arms.

Source:  First Look: Deadpool, Punisher and Blade Marvel Legends and Hasbro Marvel Legends Reveals New Punisher and Blade Figures

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