SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles Booth Pics

DC Collectibles (9) (1280x721).jpgDC Collectibles (10) (1280x718).jpg

Yep, I’ve still got more pics from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s some shots from the DC Collectibles portion of the DC Comics booth. One highlight was the diorama of the new Darkseid figure surrounded by the new 52 Justice League of America and an army of Parademons. I also shot the mini-diorama of the new 3.75-inch scaled Green Lantern figures.

DC Collectibles (1280x1280).jpg

The diorama was quite impressive and demonstrates that even though this scale is intended to be con exclusive for DC Collectibles, that in a few shows it’ll be possible to build up quite an array of the Lantern portion of the DC Universe. And if it does well enough, all indicators are that DCC will expand beyond Lanterns and perhaps beyond con-exclusivity. These have not yet shown up on Graphitti Designs website, so perhaps it got off to a good start.

DC Collectibles (4) (1280x1280).jpgDC Collectibles (5) (1280x1280).jpgDC Collectibles (7) (1279x1280).jpgDC Collectibles (8) (1279x1280).jpg
DC Collectibles (1) (1280x853).jpgDC Collectibles (2) (1280x854).jpgDC Collectibles (3) (1280x853).jpgDC Collectibles (6) (1280x853).jpg

I did pick up the Kilowog and Kyle Rayner set, despite my inner voice telling me that it would be a long wait before I had more DC figures in this scale. I’ll post a review when I have the set back in hand in a couple of weeks. In short though, my feelings are mixed on the set. Stay tuned!

One thought on “SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles Booth Pics”

  1. Green Lanterns:
    Wow! The amount of articulation on this size figure always blows me away!
    As a collector, I wish they could do similar things with the DCU Classics line, like more double jointed knees, etc.

    Justice League:
    Everyone has said Darkseid is too big. Maybe so. I think his price point is too big..!
    But both displays are great! the parademons are very good!
    My wallet withers at the though of 8 x $20 = $160 for that army…

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