Spy Monkey Creations Kicks Off Teaser Campaign for Weaponeers of Monkaa

One of the best things about SDCC is running into old friends. Sandman and I were taking in the sights at ActionFigureXpress and the Four Horsemen’s booth when we bumped into Brian Stevenson, one of the three guys behind Spy Monkey Creations. We’re big fans of the Spy Monkey weapons and accessories they’ve made that are compatible with Masters of the Universe Classics and other toy lines (see our reviews of the Shields of Destruction and Deliverance, the Sword of Ages, and the Venom and Doppelganger accessory packs), so we asked Brian what was coming up next.

We spent the next half hour deep in conversation about the Weaponeers of Monkaa, which will be Spy Monkey’s first foray outside of accessories and into action figures. They officially launched the teaser campaign today with the first installment of the Weaponeers storyline – Chapter 1 of the Stranger’s Tale, The Old Miner. The backstory of the Weaponeers will be told in installments, a chapter every day or so, culminating in the launch of the line at PowerCon later this month.

What can you expect from this line? I’ll try not to spoil it, but there will be weapons (of course), an epic struggle between good and evil, and a new toy universe that will complement and expand the universes you may already be collecting. Stay tuned!

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