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Today we’ll take a look at Spy Monkey Creation’s latest offering: the Sword of Ages!


The Sword of Ages was designed by Poe Ghostal of Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation (check out his site – it is awesome) and was a former exclusive item now available in different color variants. These swords are hand casted in plastic resin, and come in four different versions: the Guardsmen Version, the Cold Steel Version, the Eternal Version and the Emerald Blade Version. Each sword has a different combination of blade and hilt colors.

I reviewed Spy Monkey’s Shields of Destruction and Deliverance a while back, and I was really impressed with their craftsmanship. The Sword of Ages is equally well made. The plastic feels sturdy, and the blade is sleek and nicely sculpted. If I do have a nitpick it would be the hilt guard. I like its simplicity but I think its design could have been a little bit sharper to toughen its look – but again that’s just a nitpick ( I always have them!) as I do like the overall look of the sword.




The Guardsmen Version of the Sword of Ages is a clear blue blade with an orange hilt.

Upon seeing the Guardsmen version of the Sword of Ages, my initial impression was that it would look good with Faker, with the colors matching and all, so I immediately tried it on him.

This version, along with the Emerald  Blade, is a favorite of mine. I just love the way the clear blue blade looks, at certain angles when the light hits just right it seems to “glow.” It just looks like some magical blade that one can find in Eternia.



As it’s called the Guardsmen version, I matched it up with an Eternian Guard and I have to say they look great together as well. You can certainly arm up your guards with these babies.




Next up, we have the Cold Steel version, a sword with a silver blade with a gunmetal grey hilt.


I like it’s monochromatic color scheme, but I wasn’t quite sure who to match up with this blade. I suppose he would look great with Wun-dar, who I don’t have. I ended up letting Adora give it a swing, as it could be a sword she can use in her Horde days.


This version can also be used with Vikor if you want to him to swing around two swords to fillet some enemies.





I found the Eternal Version matches well with some gold-themed heroes like Bow and King Randor. It also goes well with the Golden Royal Shield of Deliverance, which they actually still sell at their website.




Finally, we have the Emerald Blade Version, which has a translucent-green blade and a black hilt. I love the evil look of this sword and thought it would look great with villains like Skeletor, Trapjaw and Scareglow.


Overall, I think these swords are a great addition to any Masters of the Universe Classics armory. They can certainly be used with other 6 or 7-inch figures, but for me they pretty much hang out in my MOTUC shelf.

All versions of the Sword of Ages look good, but I have to say the Guardsmen and the Emerald Blade really stand out for me. They both just have a lot of character to them, and the blade sculpt just shines in these versions.

The Sword of Ages is available now for $7.00 each at Spy Monkey Creations’ ecrater store: http://spymonkeycreations.ecrater.com. You can also check out their blog at spymonkeycreations.blogspot.com for latest news on upcoming products!

Many thanks to Spy Monkey Creations for sending along these review samples!

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the pics!


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