ThreeA Toys Adventure Kartel Removalists Zomb 2-Pack One Hour Sale on 12/6

Given that this upcoming 3A Toys release is limited to one hour, I double-checked the start time with a fancy world clock calculator. The Adventure Kartel Removalists 2-pack goes on sale on Thursday, 12/6, at 8PM EST. I’m planning on splitting a set with someone, but not before switching the shirts and shoes to get a black and white mix. Depending on the cost, I might pick up another set just for the pure black and white experience.

Some conspiracy theorists are saying the window to buy is limited just to drum up more business – the idea is that 3A collectors have already been inundated with Zombs. I don’t know about you, but I still need more Zombs to bolster my collection.

You can pick these up at the Bambaland Store – remember, 12/6 at 8PM EST. Good luck!