Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong): ThreeA Toys Booth Pics

3A Toys at Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong) 10

While we’re talking about 3A Toys, they recently shared pics of the 3A Toys booth at Toy Soul show in Hong Kong. I’ve reposted a few here, including their upcoming 1/12 scale Judge Death. It’s interesting that 2000 A.D. has a couple concurrent licensing deals. In addition to 3A, Mezco showed off their 1/12 scale Judge Dredd at NYCC. It’ll be interesting to see how much overlap there’ll be between the two licensees, both of whose figures I love.

All I can say is that neither company is making these figures fast enough for my liking, although the 3A Toys Judge Death does go up for pre-order next week. While it’s beautiful, I’m not sure if it’s a must-buy for me – I’m still plenty pleased with the Judge Death we got a few years ago in Legendary Comic Book Heroes from Marvel Toys (Toy Biz).

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ThreeA Toys Channels MEGO with New 3AGO Figures

ThreeA Toys has got an army of MEGO-inspired humanoids available for pre-order at Bambaland. For fans who missed out on earlier 1/6 and 1/12 scale releases, 3AGO has included some of the mainstays from the World War Robot and Tomorrow King universes in a new 8-inch format. The MEGO proportions really complement these figures, and at $45 a pop, they’re priced like their smaller 1/12 scale counterparts.

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ThreeA Toys Adventure Kartel Panda Mercs Up for Pre-Order Today

3A Toys Adventure Kartel Panda Mercs 1

We reported earlier today about Threezero’s Tyrion Lannister pre-order, but sibling company 3A Toys has also got a pre-order, going up later today. You can pre-order their Adventure Kartel Panda Mercs starting at 6PM PST at Bambaland. There’s a single, the Handsome Wu merc, for $140, or a 2-pack featuring Wu and F-Legion 6023  for $250 – although some people are speculating about the “Three Fat Tarts” title for the 2-pack.

3A originally planned to have this be the fourth of four AKLUB sets needed to get an exclusive MS Shadow, but reverted to an older plan to make the fourth set with the Zomb MD in a couple of months. So the Pandas are an independent release, with no ties to the AKLUB prereqs.

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ThreeA Toys Surprise Drop – Adventure Kartel Oppenheimer Glow in the Dark Zomb

3A Toys put up a surprise pre-order for another Zomb – this time, it’s glow-in-the-dark. No background for the Oppenheimer Zomb was given with the drop, but I imagine this Zomb got the crap nuked out of him. Not sure if the pre-order will stay open past this evening.

Oppenheimer, the GID Zomb (small)

Adventure Kartel OPPENHEIMER GID ZOMB in 1/6th scale available right now at for 95USD shipped.

via 3aVOX.

ThreeA Toys Adventure Kartel Hot-Foot Up For Pre-Order Halloween’s Eve

3A Toys Adventure Kartel Hot-Foot and friends

For the past couple years, 3A Toys has had a Halloween toy release, and they’re carrying on the tradition with another figure that’s got connections to his predecessors. In the past, we’ve had the Zombkin, a pumpkin-headed monster that came in both 1/12 and 1/6 scale. After that there was Charkin in 1/6 scale – he was the burnt to a crisp Zombkin. This Halloween, we’ve got the flamethrower-toting Hot-Foot. And, you guessed it, he’s the one who turned Zombkin into Charkin.

Hot-Foot is also a former member of the 10 Finger Gang, but apparently was tossed out because, well, you just can’t have eleven fingers. I’ve got the gang in 1/12 scale, so I hope we’ll eventually see Hot-Foot get smaller. The 1/6 scale Hot-Foot goes up for sale on October 30 at 9PM EST at Bambaland. Will we see a secret drop too? Nobody knows if 3A will trick or treat.

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