Hasbro Iron Man Legends Series 2 Pre-Order Available on AmiAmi.com – Arrives in April

Iron Man 3 Marvel Legneds Series 2 - Iron Man Mark 42 Iron Man 3 Marvel Legneds Series 2 - Iron Patriot (Movie) Iron Man 3 Marvel Legneds Series 2 - Ultron

The second wave of Iron Man Legends that Hasbro revealed at Toy Fair is scheduled to arrive in late April, according to Japanese online retailer AmiAmi.com. They have “provisional” pre-orders (meaning that they may not be able to fulfill all of them depending on how much product they’ll be able to get) for the Mark 42 armor of Iron Man, the movie version of Iron Patriot, and Ultron. The late April date makes sense, since it aligns nicely with the May 3 opening of Iron Man 3, but I haven’t yet seen pre-orders go up at US online retailers like AFP sponsor BigBadToyStore, for example.

If you are still looking for series one of Iron Man Legends (with the Heroic Age / Bleeding Edge IM, comic Iron Patriot, and classic horned Iron Man), it looks like Amazon sold through their allotment, although you can still get them from other retailers selling through them – search for Iron Man Legends on Amazon. BigBadToyStore still has sets of Iron Man Legends series 1 for $49.99.