Impulse Buy: Snake Eyes and Timber – Sideshow Exclusive Edition

I had been really considering picking up the Hot Toys Snake Eyes from G.I. JOE: Retaliation, but then Sideshow had to offer up a $20 off code, aptly called TAX20, for Tax Day. And while the Hot Toys Snake Eyes is available for pre-order and expected to ship next month, the Sideshow Snake Eyes is truer to the comics and vintage Joes, comes with Timber, and shipped today. I’ve become accustomed to pre-orders, waiting, and even forgetting something will eventually arrive at my door step – sometimes there’s nothing like a little instant gratification, right?

This version comes with both the commando goggles and the visor looks for Snake Eyes, and it’s also billed as a “Sideshow exclusive,” which comes with two different head sculpts for Timber. And while I still haven’t seen Retaliation, I suspect that the movie Snake Eyes doesn’t have a Timber watching his back, even in the sequel. As with all my impulse buys, I didn’t do a lot of thinking before I pulled the trigger, and now I’m left in a quandary over how to acquire the Sideshow version of Storm Shadow. So far I’ve looked on eBay, and it doesn’t look like it will come easy.

By the way, the TAX20 code is good through the end of today, 4/16, so stop by Sideshow Collectibles to see if there’s something you want to pick up for a little bit less than normal. Happy shopping!