Cinco de Mayo Can’t Stop Star Wars Day – May the Fourth Be on Your TV at

May the 4th Be on Your TV (Woot)

What? You thought Star Wars Day was over?!

You might have missed out on the extra special deals at Amazon for Star Wars Blu-rays and DVDs (Star Wars stuff is still on sale at Amazon, just not as much as yesterday) – if so, Woot has got deals on Star Wars Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs of the original soundtracks for the movies. They also include a couple seasons of The Clone Wars as part of this deal, which goes until May 9. That’s just two days shy of making it Star Wars Week.

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday commemorating the ideals of freedom and democracy – you know Obi Wan would have celebrated this holiday, if not cut down by his former apprentice (spoiler!)

via May the 4th Be on Your TV.