Get Star Trek (2009) Movie Download on iTunes with Tickets to Star Trek Into Darkness on Fandango

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I had posted this deal to get the Star Trek reboot as a movie download on iTunes with the official pics of the Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Select Captain Kirk, but with the sequel opening tomorrow (or is it today?), it deserves to be highlighted again.

It’s a simple deal – buy your tickets to Star Trek Into Darkness on Fandango, and they’ll send you a download code that you can use on iTunes to get Star Trek (2009) as a digital download. The offer is good until the end of May (or while supplies last – although I don’t really understand how they could run out of a digital download), so if you don’t want to face the crowds at the multiplex on opening weekend, take your time. I’ve tried to avoid as much of the hype / spoilers for this one, but I’m still pretty psyched to see it. What about you?