Masters of the Universe Classics Octavia and DC Universe Classics Red Hood Headline June MattyCollector Sale Today

With the June MattyCollector sale, it’s the calm before the San Diego Comic-Con storm. Octavia is a Horde member from She-Ra Princess of Power, so even though I like how the figure turned out, I suspect she’ll have a smaller following. And judging from many of the comments I’ve seen, this version of Red Hood is not a highly sought after one. It’s Jason Todd from the second arc in Morrison’s Batman and Robin, and he changed costumes right after that. A lot of people clamored for a jacketed version, and others would have preferred a more classic Joker Red Hood. From the rehashes, only Man-At-Arms remains from Early Access; Spikor sold out.

Today marks the official opening of the subscriptions for 2013 for Club Eternia and Club Infinite Earths. The new flight stands are up for sale today too – they are two to a pack. For your convenience, here’s the link to the bundle page for the June MattyCollector sale. The sale opens up at 9AM PST this morning.

MattyCollector June Sale

6/17 Sale Reminder: Octavia™, Red Hood and New Flying Stands That Extend/Articulate!
Monthly Sale: Monday 6/17 9am PT

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