DC Universe Classics on Clearance at Mattycollector’s 7 Days of Cyber Monday

Mattycollector’s “7 Days of Cyber Monday” sale kicked off this morning with Early Access for Club Eternia subscribers. I still find the name odd (at least the sale actually lasts 7 days this year) but am crystal clear on its intent – Mattel wants to clear out its remaining DC Universe Classics figures inventory. Club Infinite Earths figures are priced at $6 each for the regular figures (like Wally West Flash, Phantom Stranger, and Larfleeze) and $9 for the oversized ones (like Lead and Elasti-Girl). I guess good things come to those who wait.

The Classics figures for this year (Connor Kent, Ice, and hook-handed Aquaman) aren’t clearanced – they’re at $23. But Watchmen figures have been knocked down to $15 each from $20 and the horribly over-priced Super Powers figures are at $24 from $30. If you were hoping to get the Doomsday Unleashed figure at 20% off, you’re out of luck – to get him at $32 you had to also buy the prison costumed version from SDCC, and he sold out early on this morning. The unleashed Doomsday is still available as of this writing, but at the full $40 price.

Rounding out the sale, Masters of the Universe Classics from Club Eternia and Club Etheria prior to 2014 have been knocked down to $21.60 from $27. And Ghostbuster 2-packs with the removable proton packs are down to $40 from $50. Finally, Loo-Kee and Kowl, the Club Eternia chase figures, are up – still at $20.

All access to the 7 Days of Cyber Monday sale starts tomorrow at 9AM PST.

Soapbox Sunday: Latest Mattycollector Sale Shows Shortcomings; How to Turn it Around

Mattycollector Shortcomings

Remember the good (or bad, depending how you fared) old days when there were toys that you actually wanted to buy on Mattycollector on their monthly sales dates? Those toys would sell out in hours, sometimes minutes. And while that truly meant missed opportunities through lost sales, the quick sell-outs became the barometer for successful products.

Fast forward to today. We’re a couple of days past the Mattycollector sale for October, and looking at the sale page, there’s not a single item on the page that’s sold out. There’s not even a single item that’s marked with the “Almost Gone” tag that Mattel would add to give you a sense of urgency to grab up those soon to be sold out toys. And for a company whose marketing team is so fond of saying “We’ll keep making them as long as you keep buying them,” I’ve got to wonder how much longer Mattel will keep making them, because we certainly not buying them – at least not like we used to.

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DCUC Fire and Ice Headline Mattycollector June Early Access; MOTUC Extendar On Sale Monday

Mattycollector June 2014 Sale

Early Access for Mattycollector’s June sale should be underway now, and if all goes according to plan they should have all product with the exclusion of the Club Eternia monthly figure, the Masters of the Universe Classics Extendar, available to subscribers. This would include the DC Universe Classics Fire and Ice and the DC Total Heroes deluxe Black Manta – although all three are labeled simply “DCU” – perhaps encourage collector adoption of the new Total Heroes line.

Ice is the quarterly Classics figure remaining from the Club Infinite Earths sub that didn’t meet the thresholds this year, and is smartly paired with Fire, who was the DC figure for August last year. It’s good news for subscribers – in March, hook-handed Aquaman was not available during Early Access and was a quick sell-out during All Access. I’ll be surprised if Ice remains in stock after Early Access – All Access for June opens Monday, June 16, at 9AM PST.

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Border Patrol: Marvel Legends Superior Venom, DC Universe Classics Kyle Rayner and Red Hood

In our first installment of Border Patrol for 2014, we’ve got a Marvel variant that could definitely be made and two DC variants that should have been made.

  • Marvel Legends Superior Venom by glennwebman69 – if Hasbro could make a Marvel Legernds Superior Spider-Man (currently hitting shelves), then they should start thinking about making Superior Venom – after all, it’s the best thing to happen to our favorite symbiote in the comics, just like Superior Spider-Man was the best thing to happen to our favorite web-slinger – ends Jan 16, 2014 16:19:02 PST
  • DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Kyle Rayner by FUMan Studio – back when DC Universe Classics was going strong, Mattel released a Kyle Rayner figure that was pretty ok – it just wasn’t the iconic Rayner from when he was part of Grant Morrison’s JLA – this is a big hole in the line-up, especially since Mattel is releasing a hook-handed Aquaman in its last gasp of DCUC this year – ends Jan 11, 2014 06:00:43 PST
  • DC Universe Classics Red Hood Jason Todd by Mint Condition Customs – don’t get me wrong – I like Grant Morrison, but that doesn’t mean that every action figure made should be from his books – case in point, the Red Hood Mattel released in the Club Infinite Earths subscription was the one featured for just a couple of issues during Morrison’s recent Batman and Robin run – but pretty much everyone I know would have been happier with this version – ends Jan 12, 2014 19:11:12 PST

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

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CC36: DC Universe Classics Ultimate Doomsday by Batman55

CC36 DCUC Ultimate Doomsday 19

After Mattel announced the cancellation of 2014 DCIE series that included 2 versions of Doomsday figure, I felt regret about not being able to see the long awaited figure released. Then just last week, I found out Mattel has decided to release only Containment Suit Doomsday in the next SDCC. Relinquishing a hope to see THE UNLEASHED VERSION, I decided to make my own doomsday that shares the same articulations and details to some degree with DCUC figures. The only base body that I could find compatible in terms of size and similar physical features was Marvel Select Avengers Hulk. Before I began putting things together, I had to research various images and old custom figures done by others as a reference.

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