ThreeA Toys Adventure Kartel Golden Dolphin and Peppermint Grove 2-Pack Up for Pre-Order on July 23

Almost unheard of – 3A Toys lets us know about a pre-order three weeks in advance. The Golden Dolphin / Peppermint Grove 2-pack goes up on July 23rd at Bambaland. Hope we don’t forget!

Adventure Kartel Peppermint Grove 1 AK Golden Dolphin 1 AK Golden Dolphin 2

Golden Dolphin AK SFT part 1 on pre-order at on July 24th for 100USD.

via Adventure Kartel Golden Dolphin and Peppermint Grove.

Golden Dolpin’s sister and their story:

AK Golden Dolphin 3 AK Golden Dolphin 4

As children the Dolphin and Peppermint both came across a damaged robot while playing in the iron hills, they both thought it would be awesome to have a robot hand each, so they cut of one of their hands each and replaced them with said damaged robot’s mit’s! Naturally any such action such robot-hand stealing kinda altered their paths from the mundane….

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