Tri-State Collectors – Shop in the Mezco Vault – 8/16 Only!

[Update: Reading is fundamental! I posted this thinking the sale was today, but it’s next week. Oops!]

I often miss living in NYC (rarely during the oppressive summers or freezing cold winters, though), and today is one of those days. Starting in a short while at Noon EST On Friday next week, Mezco is opening up their vault and making some unique items available for sale to collectors like you and me.

So if you’re in the Tri-State area, now’s next Friday the time to tell your boss that you’ve come down with a summer cold, and get your butt to Mezco in Long Island City and pick up some loot. I’d be there if I could!

Mezco Unlocks The Vault And Release Rare And One Of A Kind Items

Mezco Vault Sale

New York – In a first of its kind event, Mezco Toyz is opening their vault and releasing items from their archives.

Mezco’s Test Shots usually end up ion public display at such institutions as The Museum Of The Moving Image, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, or others. This is the only time the vault has ever been opened and multiple test shots made available to the public.

At the same time, Mezco will be offering a select number of out of production items, including items from it’s popular Scarface and Hellboy lines. “We get calls and emails about some of our discontinued items, like Notorious B.I.G., Heroes, Scarface, and others almost daily. This is an attempt to satisfy fans, pure and simple. We will be offering rare items, out of production items, and items like test shots that are one of a kind and unavailable anywhere else. ” says Mezco’s Mike Drake.

Most test shots will be priced in the $100-$200 range so they will be affordable to even the most thrifty collectors. Rare items will be offered at lower than expected prices as well. “This is truly a collector’s dream come true!” says Mezco’s resident artist/ ninja Rich Ford “Bring a truck and bring your credit card, because this is gonna be one heck of an event!”

Public sale is on Friday 08/16 from 12noon-5pm. Cash, Visa, Mastercard are all welcome.

Mezco is located at:

2109 Borden Ave
2nd Floor
LIC NY 11101

The Hunter’s Point station is approx 3 blocks away from us.,+Hunters+Point,+New+York+11101&city2=newyork

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Photo Credit: Rich Ford

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  1. argh – this is next Friday, not today! thanks for those of you who pointed this out to me. now you can plan ahead to get out of work early. 😉

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