Weekend Toy Run: TFAW’s Labor Day Two or Fewer Sale

I got to Things From Another World’s “Two or Fewer” sale a bit late this weekend. Their toy prices are generally reasonable, but with a half off sale on items with just one or two left in inventory, they tend to go fast. While the toys have been picked over like a TRU at the end of a weekend, there are still some awesome deals if you are into graphic novels and premium hardcovers. I’ve been paging through the DC and Marvel items on sale, and there’s a bunch of DC Archives and Marvel Masterworks that I’d love to pick up.

Save 50% Before They’re Gone: Graphic Novels, Toys, Statues & More

Want to save 50% on thousands of graphic novels, toys, statues, and more? Act fast! Our Two or Fewer Sale is crammed full of awesome geeky products–but we only have one or two of each item in stock!


This is the perfect time to add to your collection or try something new for cheap–but get ’em before they’re gone! Not only are these items extremely limited, but this sale ends Monday, September 2.

via Save 50% on Comics, Graphic Novels Toys, Statues & More – TFAW.com.