NYCC 2013: Bandai S.H. FiguArts and MonsterArts

Bandai SH Figuarts and Monsterarts (1 of 42)

If I had a million dollars, I’d probably buy everything that was in the Bluefin booth showcasing Bandai’s action figure offerings. They produce such awesome toys, in particular with the S.H. FiguArts and MonsterArts lines – Godzilla, DragonBall Z, Power Rangers, Sailor Moon… and now Aliens vs. Predator, and even Batman?!

The AVP figures continue to impress. It’ll be hard to skip those – I’m pretty much committed to getting both figures that have been revealed. And I can’t wait for more to show up. I don’t recognize the Batman design – is it video game or comics, or something else entirely?

4 thoughts on “NYCC 2013: Bandai S.H. FiguArts and MonsterArts”

  1. I want to say the Batman is an original design (I’m just going off the “Original Mask” box wording here).  It looks like the Dark Knight Trilogy suit and the Arkham City suit had a baby.

  2. PintelGuy it’s one of the costumes from Injustice, which, strangely enough, looks just like the DK trilogy and AC suits had a baby. Good call.
    Also, I love that the AVP box has a picture of the Predator giving the Alien a colonoscopy.

  3. They have the Starblazers 2199 toys too?  My poor, poor wallet….   The G2K and Kiryu are my most wanted figures right now.  Followed closely by that alien.  I can probably pass on Batman, but I can’t wait to see their new Starblazers ships.  Hopefully they won’t all be $100+.

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