NYCC 2013: Mattel DC Comics Multiverse – Batman and Superman Movies Wave

NYCC 2013 - Mattel DC Multiverse - Movie Wave (3 of 26)

For as long as there’s been Batman and Superman figures, collectors have been asking for figures from the classic Michael Keaton Batman and Christopher Reeve Superman films. After the Nolan-verse Batman and Man of Steel Movie Masters, I know collectors were hoping for the expansion of that line, and were further encouraged by the Batman 1966 Classic TV Series figures.

So you can imagine my surprise when Mattel decided to introduce from the Keaton and Reeve movies, but choose to do it in the DC Comics Multiverse 3.75-inch line. And while I think generally speaking, the figures look decent for ones in the small scale, I struggle to shake off the notion that this is not a friendly move towards collectors who supported the movie and TV figures in the existing 6-inch scale.

12 thoughts on “NYCC 2013: Mattel DC Comics Multiverse – Batman and Superman Movies Wave”

  1. I would have definitely bought a 6″ Michael Keaton Batman.  Too bad Mattel went small-scale on it.  Pass.

  2. If you get the chance, please ask them what made them think this scale was right for the consumers that would be purchasing them. Previously both Mattel and Hasbro gears 6″ scale to collectors (Marvel Legends, DC Universe classics, Star Wars Black series) and now the release these movie themed figures that with no question are aimed at collectors due to the subject matter being 30+ years old. What gives?

  3. Well I love them. I collect in the 4″ scale almost exclusively and having the characters from these classic films in this scale just fills me with glee.

    I just hope Superman, Catwoman and Penguin come with more articulation than what’s currently shown. Zod and Batman seem decently articulated but the other three seem to only sport five or seven points of articulation each.

  4. no six inch? that really ticks me off these figures look nice but,why just slap all us 6 scale collectors in the face we held on threw some shitty figures and still collected, yes there where good ones to but don’t screw all the 6 scale collectors,this really chaps my ass!

  5. Wrong scale Mattel… but it’s still super awesome to see some Batman Returns figures… love that movie.

  6. Why is there no Jack Nicholson Joker figure? I always thought he was the best movie portrayal of the character, and one of the reasons I am a Bat-fan in the first place

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