NYCC 2013: Play Imaginative Super Alloy DC Comics New 52 Justice League Update

NYCC 2013 - Play Imaginative Super Alloy DC Comics New 52 Justice League (1 of 15)

For the first time in recent memory since Art Asylum produced Minimates for Marvel and DC, Play Imaginative holds licenses for both of the major comic book companies. On the DC front, they are producing Super Alloy diecast figures in 1/6 for the New 52 Justice League. In San Diego, we saw everything up through the new Green Lantern. Here in NY, Yes Anime (Play Imaginative’s US distributor) also brought along Cyborg and Flash.

Folks who pre-ordered Superman around SDCC – Yes Anime reports that after a delay in Singapore, Play Imaginative will be delivering in the next couple of weeks. For NYCC, they had air-shipped about 10 of the Supes for sale at the show. The rest are coming by sea. They were a bit vague on the reasons behind the delay (Superman was expected to ship in the August time frame), suggesting that it was perhaps to put a more powerful fan in the Fortress base and for some resculpting of the Superman heads.

Green Lantern will follow shortly after Superman. For those who pre-ordered him, we got our first glimpse in person of the battle-damaged head. Yes Anime also got the news that the armor construct pieces will be illuminated. I’m a little skeptical that Play Imaginative could add LEDs to those pieces and power them, but if it’s true, then I think this could possibly be the coolest Green Lantern figure ever made.

While Supes and GL look great to me (despite the New 52 looks) I’m less enthused about Cyborg and Flash. Flash in particular has a somewhat bland head sculpt – but maybe it will be improved. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Play Imaginative might do with Wonder Woman.