CC36: DC Universe Classics – Steve Ditko Classics by Charles Rouse-Rodriguez


Remembering the classic designs of Steve Ditko DC classics has created the Silver Age Captain Atom to fight three of his most evil enemies! The Fiery Icer and the deadly duo Punch and Jewelee!

Entry by: Charles Rouse-Rodriguez


Captain Atom is using an OMAC body, Flash lower legs, and Aquaman head with Firestorm energy thingies.

Fiery Icer is made from Robotman, Flash lower legs, and sculpted detail throughout.

Punch is a Batman TV series Riddler with a toyman redone head.

Jewelee is a Platinum body, Cheetah lower legs, Harley Quinne head with Stargirl hair and some random hobby jewel bits for the gloves.

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3 thoughts on “CC36: DC Universe Classics – Steve Ditko Classics by Charles Rouse-Rodriguez”

  1. Those are pretty awesome, dude! I would have bought all those figures if they’d been done. I’ve always loved that version of Captain Atom. I really wish we’d had gotten a DCUC figure of that costume. It would have made a much more desirable variant than the gold suit they released.

    I picked up the DCD figure of Classic Captain Atom, but I’m not that crazy about it.

  2. Punch and Jewelee are amazing!  Is it possible to buy these or replicas??  I’d commission these jobs!  Contact <khendryx909 AT>

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