ThreeA Toys Launches World of 3A Website with 3AA Exclusive Cornelius Tomorrow King

corny3aa corny

3A Toys has launched a new website, World of 3A. WO3A (for short) combines information about 3A’s toy lines, publishing, and news on one site. Their previous website had been built by a third party and was likely difficult to maintain, with the last updates coming at the end of 2012. For now, the 3A blog is still being updated but I imagine will be shuttered and replaced by the news section on WO3A.

To commemorate the launch, 3A is offering the “Cornelius” Tomorrow King exclusively to 3AA members on Bambaland, which remains a separate site but linked to from WO3A. Cornelius had previously been teased with a “NYCTFKC” label, leading me to think he would be made available somehow at New York Toy Fair. If that’s the case, it’s interesting to see that 3A remains as fluid and changing as ever.

This isn’t the first time 3A has made changes to its websites. They previously had to reboot the 3A Forum from scratch, losing the old site in the process – interestingly, the forums are hosted at the old domain and not linked to from WO3A – an oversight? They also tried to replace their online shop but reverted to Bambaland. I’m sure more changes are to come, and don’t mind, as long as 3A keeps making great toys.

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  1. Not trying to be rude or anything… but what IS this?
    Does anyone actually know anything about this… cartoon? Video game? Anime? Whatever this is?

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