ThreeA Toys “Stormtrooper” and More up for Pre-Order

3A Toys Tomorrow Kings Lost Warrior

3A Toys has a sales event underway, aptly named, “Do You Remember?” I can remember way back in 2011, when Ashley Wood was pitching his vision for new Star Wars toys from 3A. In an uncharacteristic fashion, their prototypes for Stormtrooper and Boba Fett were straight up renditions of the characters that were devoid of Wood’s unique style. Of course, this was before Hasbro launched the Star Wars Black Series, doing it themselves.

Among the items up for pre-order now are two Stormtroopers, re-envisioned as Tomorrow Kings in the 1/6 scale. They have helmets and blasters reminiscent of Star Wars, but the rest has got the unmistakable 3A style. Additionally, there are a few Popbot 1/6 scale characters and the Robo-Hunter Same Slade from 2000 A.D. in 1/12 scale up for pre-order at Bambaland.

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ThreeA Toys Lasstranaut 3AA Membership Exclusive by Moldie XIII

Our long-time friend Moldie is back with a review of the 3AA membership exclusive figure, the Lasstranaut. Check out his previous reviews herehere, here, here, here, and here. Thanks Moldie!

Ahhhh, the ThreeA Toys 2014 membership package… bought and paid for in mid-January, and put on weird indefinite and uncommunicated hold for what seemed like ages and told only that the “seamless lower body was tougher to do than we anticipated,” but that we’d, of course, be very happy with the end results. Promise.

Well, the set’s finally here, and while I have to fully disclose that I wasn’t overly excited about buying it in the first place (a year-long 15% discount does stupid things to a collectors brain), the figure doesn’t disappoint in disappointing.

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ThreeA Toys Launches World of 3A Website with 3AA Exclusive Cornelius Tomorrow King

corny3aa corny

3A Toys has launched a new website, World of 3A. WO3A (for short) combines information about 3A’s toy lines, publishing, and news on one site. Their previous website had been built by a third party and was likely difficult to maintain, with the last updates coming at the end of 2012. For now, the 3A blog is still being updated but I imagine will be shuttered and replaced by the news section on WO3A.

To commemorate the launch, 3A is offering the “Cornelius” Tomorrow King exclusively to 3AA members on Bambaland, which remains a separate site but linked to from WO3A. Cornelius had previously been teased with a “NYCTFKC” label, leading me to think he would be made available somehow at New York Toy Fair. If that’s the case, it’s interesting to see that 3A remains as fluid and changing as ever.

This isn’t the first time 3A has made changes to its websites. They previously had to reboot the 3A Forum from scratch, losing the old site in the process – interestingly, the forums are hosted at the old domain and not linked to from WO3A – an oversight? They also tried to replace their online shop but reverted to Bambaland. I’m sure more changes are to come, and don’t mind, as long as 3A keeps making great toys.

ThreeA Toys TKLUB 4 Ronin Oya Sun Up for Pre-Order 11/17 at 9PM EST

TKLUB 4 Ronin Oya Sun 1

The first of four TKLUB figures needed to pick up a classic Tomorrow Queen goes up for pre-order tomorrow at 9PM EST at Bambaland. The Ronin Oya Sun figure is officially TKLUB #4. He includes a big accessory, the Sup Bomb, and is priced at $160 – since it’s a 3AA only release (TKLUB is exclusive to 3AA members), that’s actually $136, shipping included.

Some folks have brought up a good point – with the TKLUB being put up for pre-order roughly two months apart, we may not get a chance to order all four figures needed to qualify for the TQ before 3AA memberships come up for renewal. That would put folks who want the TQ but don’t want to re-up in a quandary. Expect some updates from 3A on this shortly.

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WebSwipe: ThreeA Toys at the 7th ACG Comics & Games Expo

3A Toys Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real Fighting JC

3A Toys posted some pics of the ACG Comics & Games Expo, shared by some of the visitors to their booth. I’ve nabbed a handful of shots, but click through for the full album from Dennis Chau, Arman Yuen, Larry Hui, Edmond Tsoi, and Terence Tam.

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