Exclusive Marvel Legends All-New X-Men Box Set Coming to Toys R Us

Marvel Legends All-New X-Men - Packaging

The All-New X-Men are heading your way via a Marvel Legends box set exclusive to Toys R Us. The five-pack includes Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Iceman, and Beast, in their decidedly old X-Men costumes that just happen to be new again – due to the magic of time-travel and the need to bring back dead characters and extricate others from the mess they landed up in during the last awful comic book cross-over. (Thanks, X-Men vs. Avengers!)

According to online reports, the box set is due to hit shelves February 1, with a price of $84.99.

Looks to be a fun box set, especially if you’re a fan of Angel from his high-flying days, before the comics excess of the 90s demanded all characters become dark and moody. This can also work as a first appearance set, if you want to give Iceman some boots – but I’d much rather Hasbro retire that Silver Surfer / Klaw body. And on the bruiser body, Beast will be too tall. But let’s face it – there’s probably no other way to get an old-school Beast.

9 thoughts on “Exclusive Marvel Legends All-New X-Men Box Set Coming to Toys R Us”

  1. This is pretty much a must have for me. However, I’m already dreading trying to find one at retail. Ohhhh the gas I’m going to waste.

  2. $85??!!! Oh Lordy…and Iceman is not looking good, Angel’s face isn’t too hot and Beast is too big/tall. I was hoping this would be a vast improvement over the Toy Biz original X-Men box set.

  3. I love that this set just kind of came out of nowhere. No con reveals, no teases or rumors even, and a pic of the final packaged product just leaked out less than a month before it goes on sale. 

    Cool set, aside from Iceman, who seems destined to never get a good 6″ figure. Wish they’d used the Superior Spider-Man body instead. Also, Cyclops reuses the Astonishing version’s head, which would work except that he had a totally different visor before Krakoa. And I don’t mind Beast’s size, but no wrist articulation is kind of lame for a character who’s often posed on all fours or doing a handstand.

  4. I wonder if Beast’s hands will be big enough to replace Piledriver’s?  They loo over-sized enough…

  5. Maybe Hasbro should focus on getting Moonstar, Bulldozer, Blade, Lyra, Rogue, the Jean Grey variants, Hawkeye, black and silver Archangel, Iron Fist and Redpool out before thinking about releasing another action figure of any kind. “Just sayin'”, Hasbro.

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