ThreeA Toys Reveals Upcoming Microman Figures

3A Toys Microman Wave One

It was way back during San Diego Comic-Con in 2011 that Ashley Wood revealed that 3A Toys had picked up the license for Microman, setting off a bit of frenzy from fans of the Micronauts. It had been several years before Jerry Macaluso had attempted to bring back Micronauts while he was still with SOTA Toys, and fans of the property were eager for something. But following the announcement, there was almost no 3A Toys Microman activity, until today.

3A revealed pictures of the first wave of Microman figures, which consists of several colorways of String Divers. The figures will be in 1/12 scale, and will feature a removable respirator. More info to follow, as they’ve just revealed the images at this point.


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