Three New Initiatives for ThreeA Toys for 2014

With the growth of 3A Toys’ licensed products, there’s been a lot of new brands coming on board, like the most recent Microman / Micronauts line. But that hasn’t stopped Ashley Wood from mixing it up with its mainstay brands. Here’s three twists from 3A that are new for 2014:

  • WWR EVOL – announced nearly half a year ago, EVOL represents the second act in the World War Robot story. As such, expect some new factions and colorways to join or replace the ones we’ve seen in WWR thus far. We’re likely to see EVOL releases in the regular 1/6 and 1/12 scales. Marquis de Plume is the first announced figure from the EVOL line, in 1/6 scale. I’ve always thought the WWR line was a bit heavy on the pouches, but Marquis would give any Rob Liefeld-designed character a run for the money – if money were pouches.
  • 3AGO – back in September, 3A announced 3AGO, a tribute to the classic MEGO line of figures. This new 8-inch line will span the 3A brands – looks like the first releases will include Nom de Plume from WWR and a Tomorrow King. The TK will be available, likely in extremely limited quantities, at New York Toy Fair. Ash has said this first run of 3AGO will have some issues, but I doubt that will stop the Legionnaires from snatching these up.
  • 3A Adventure (the ThreeA Digital Comic Magazine) – the toys were born out of Ashley Wood’s artwork, so the foray into a digital comic featuring the 3A brands takes it full circle. While no launch date is set, the ambitious plan is to publish 3A Adventure monthly and for free (at least digitally). Ash will be collaborating with 3A Legionnaire and artist extraordinaire BRiZL – if you’ve been a 3A fan and enjoyed the artwork that gets produced by the community during each product drop, you’ve probably seen a bunch of BRiZL’s stuff. How cool is that?