Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures Could Fill the G.I. JOE-Sized Void in Your Collection

A lot of collectors I know are feeling the void left by Hasbro’s G.I. JOE line moving steadily towards hiatus over the past couple years. But as the Joes fade away, there’s one company that’s targeting the niche market that Hasbro deemed too small – Marauder GR is in the midst of its Kickstarter project for its 1/18 scale Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures. And get this – they’ve already more than doubled their funding goal, raising nearly $80K with about two weeks left to go.

The project is to create a figure “system” that allows you to easily customize your figures to fit specific genres (military, sci-fi, and superhero builds are supported) as well as configuring your figures’ gear for each individual figure. And the figures themselves are highly detailed and well-articulated. I think fans of the more recent Joes will find these figures pretty exciting. Our pal, Doubledealer, is one of the talented sculptors behind this project – so be sure to check it out and kickstart this project before the funding period closes at the end of the month.