Pre-Orders Reveal X-Men Legends Jubilee Wave as Previews Exclusive

Previews Exclusive X-Men Marvel Legends

New pre-order listings at Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore have revealed an upcoming X-Men Marvel Legends wave as a Previews exclusive. This five figure wave features Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, Stryfe, Cyclops, with a  Build-a-Figure Jubilee. First revealed a few weeks back in a Japanese magazine, this wave had been widely reported as a Toys R Us exclusive. With these listings, however, it appears that the X-Men will go the same route as the Wolverine Legends wave. As Previews exclusives, these will set you back – $179.99 for a case from Entertainment Earth and BBTS – $22.50 a figure. BBTS has a 5-figure set for $149.99 – a whopping $30 a figure.

It’s great to see the mini-BAF Jubilee that we first saw at San Diego Comic-Con last year and the Stryfe figure teased by the Hasbro Marvel team way back when finally make their way to shelves – but I will be missing the other figures that had been shown as part of the Jubilee wave. With themed waves being the norm now, it’s a challenge to see how those figures will get released.

I’d like to be a little more enthused by the individual figures – but there’s something nagging me about each of them. I was never a fan of Stryfe and suppose I will be forever bitter about the X-Men vs. Avengers comics that turned Cyclops into a villain and spawned the costume he is sporting here. Storm looks great in a mohawk – but I’m a fan of her more classic looks. And the simple paint apps are making those facial sculpts on Magneto and Wolverine look a bit stark. And the use of Drax / Super Soldier Captain America for Magneto gives him some odd proportions.

Am I nitpicking? What do you think of these figures?

4 thoughts on “Pre-Orders Reveal X-Men Legends Jubilee Wave as Previews Exclusive”

  1. Glad I don’t need the Wolvie to build Jubilee, as he has an overly cartoony face. Still, I doubt I’ll track these down, orif I do, be able to afford them, at today’s rates between TRU and comic shops. I guess maybe having Jubilee in her modern outfit is a blessing in disguise, as I’d want to have her figure much more if she was in the 90s look.

  2. Dismal choice of costume for Storm.
    The only figure we ever got was the Jim Lee one, and during the Avengers vs X-Men story that the Cyclops costume comes from, Storm wore a modern, lovely costume heavily based on her classic look that she had been wearing for some time. That would have been a great choice to use. This look she has here: I have never seen it but am told it’s a NOW look that has been in the books very briefly. Nice headsculpt but a HUGE wasted opportunity there. Easy Pass.
    Magneto – well it’s better then the ML3 one, but much like that one, it’s hampered by the odd choice of body re-use. FO Punisher indeed! Looked kinda nice on the military Captain America, but it’s not a good base body here. Plus the head looks terrible. Pass.
    Strife looks like a good figure with a lot of unique tooling. Kinda nice.
    Cyclops is a simple redeco, and a lot like one that was just released. Easy pass.
    Wolverine is almost exactly like one just released. I do like the head but…. Super easy pass.
    Starting to look a little bit like the Ares wave – all repaints and redecos with only one kinda new fig in the whole bunch. Plus a nice BAF. Lazy, cheap and ultimately an easy pass all around.

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